Tied Up And Thrown Into The Back of A Flatbed Truck Alongside A Blood Stained Chainsaw

by XeroPulse

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This was meant to be the first track off of an industrial noise album. It would follow a group of people who were kidnapped by a serial killer and slowly killed off, however, this is the only song that ended up getting done and sounding good.

The second song was finished as well, but it was terrible, and a complete and utter copy of this one. It was called "Dragged Down The Road At 120kmph By A Hook Through The Lower Jaw."

It would have been a waste to keep this track to myself, or to keep waiting to finish an album that would NEVER be finished, so here it is, as a single. The initial kidnapping and first death.


NOTE: These are not lyrics as such, but an accompanying description of what is happening in the song.

-Unable to steady yourself-
as you're thrown around in the back-
-Your head hits the wall-
and your shoulder brushes the rusty blade-
-Bent nails and scraps of steel-
lodging in your flesh-
-You plan an escape attempt-
one you know is doomed to fail!

-The truck reaches a halt-
the door opens, a mask appears-
-One runs, he's caught, blade engage-
screeches, a hideous laugh, a blood curdling scream, and a horrifying smile!

-His carcass will rot away unnoticed-
in a ditch alongside the road-
-Mangled, dumped, and forgotten-
all evidence will be burned!


released May 6, 2017



all rights reserved


XeroPulse Ireland

Atmospheric Black Metal and Dungeon Synth from Cork, Ireland. This is a one man band. All songs are written, recorded, and produced by Shannon Bowman.

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