Hush Now, the Reaper is Near

by XeroPulse

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Long dark robes, drag on the ground-
Chills down the spines, of all those around!
A passage to, a world after ours-
Ghastly appearance, but kind at his heart!


Hush now the reaper is in your room-
Guide you away from this cold dark tomb!
Hush now the reaper is near your bed-
Close your eyes for soon you'll be dead!

Verse 2-

Take his hand, hes here to help you-
Another soul to guide, it's nothing new!
Nothing to argue, no reason to stay-
Go on my son, Heaven awaits!


Bony hands, shadowy face!
Sympathetic eyes, hide in the shade!
The last thing you see, as you exit this world!
The glare of his scythe, in the blazing sun!


released April 22, 2017



all rights reserved


XeroPulse Ireland

Atmospheric Black Metal and Dungeon Synth from Cork, Ireland. This is a one man band. All songs are written, recorded, and produced by Shannon Bowman.

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